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At Property Management Specialists, Ltd. we manage Community Associations in Chicago and Suburbs of Chicago.

James T. Krech served our country in the U.S. Navy. When James’ enlistment in the U.S. Navy ended he went to work managing property for his family’s business. While it was hard to leave the family business James did not like living in his father Larry’s shadow, everyone in town knew him as Larry’s son. He thought everyone would change his name to Larry’s son, and some people did. (Ok, if you meet James in person the Larry’s Son nickname is in the past along with Donuts. James was called Donuts because back in the day his father owned a Donut Shop called Coffee-Break-Donuts. On James’ birthday his father would take time out of his day to drop off dozens fresh Donuts at James’ school, as a treat, enough for the whole class to eat).

James did help in the Donut shop after school and sometimes the night donut baker would call in sick and James and his father would spend the night making donuts. Occasionally James got so tired from being up all night with no sleep the day before, James would crawl up on the 100lb sacks of flour in the backroom sometime before dawn and fall asleep for a few hours. After spending all night making the donuts they would have to load up the old Ford Station Wagon and make deliveries of fresh donuts to business and institutions around town.

To the day of his death, James’ father wanted him to work for him. Every time James visited his father he would put James’ to work. Whether it was fixing his old truck, generator, refinishing furniture or just working around the ranch, he knew James would do a good job and James did.

James’ father sold the Donut Shop but the nickname Donuts continued until James and his family moved to another town. The Larry’s son nickname ended when James moved to another town but James will always be Larry’s son.

James decided to strike out on his own and left the family business to become a fulltime realtor were he sold millions of dollars’ worth of real-estate. Though selling real-estate James learned firsthand how to increase property values and he gained valuable experience. James learned how to see a property through the buyer’s eyes.

While selling real-estate James bought a townhome and decided to become more active in his community. He ran for the Board of Directors of his townhome association and won. After a few years of serving on the association Board of Directors James was elected President of the Board. James then decided to move from selling real-estate to managing property since he already had experience from both in the U.S. Navy and the family business. James went to work for a property management company that managed community associations. James was managing condos for the management company when he decided to start his own Property Management Company, Property Management Specialists, Ltd. The road has not been easy for James he has had to work hard and smart, always looking for a better way and more efficient processes. Whether he was in the U.S. Navy, working for his father, selling real-estate , President of a townhome association or managing property, James always worked to implement sound money saving, time saving policies and procedures while increasing property values.

As past president of a large townhouse association, President Krech was able to implement a number of changes in practices that were designed to increase homeowner's property values and minimize operating costs.

For 11 years our James Krech managed Condo's for a Professional Management Company. As Property Manager James oversaw roof replacement, parking lot repaving, tuck-pointing, pool repairs and the list goes on, those are just the large improvements. James also implemented many cost saving measures. He left the Condo's a better place to live.

James went back to school at night while he was a Property Manager and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Management at Devry University. James thought seriously about going to law school to become a lawyer. However, because of his knowledge and experience in property management, James decided he could better serve society by founding a better type of Management Company, a company where people and morals are more important than the bottom line. Don't get the wrong idea; our company must turn a profit in order to remain a viable vehicle to help make our slice of the world a better place to live.

Reflecting on his background, James relates, "In the Navy and in Family enterprises you're taught to assess a situation, research strategic responses, and implement the most cost-effective measures. It's a lesson I learned well."

James holds an active Community Association Manager License issued by the State of Illinois. James is a member in good standing of CAI (Community Associations Institute)

James Krech has been quoted in Condo Lifestyles Magazine as a property management expert. James was also asked to be on one of Condo Lifestyles committees where he served with joy.


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